Welcome to the Swamp Donkeys Basketball Club

You probably have a few questions. Let us give you some answers.

So, what is a Swamp Donkey?
The Swamp Donkey, scientifically known as Swampus Donkius, was an ancient creature that is said to have lived in the post-abovetherim era. It was a multi-talented creature, but was highly dependent on its surrounding environment. It was hot blooded, and therefore was particularly susceptible to hydration issues. So, it drank a lot. Its drink of choice was beer. Even though the male of the species was extremely well endowed and particularly adept at pleasuring his female companion, it is believed that the Swamp Donkey ultimately became extinct due to lack of procreation. No one can say why...

Do Swamp Donkeys really play basketball?
Yeah man, of course they do. Basketball is rad. Why wouldn’t a Swamp Donkey play basketball?

And, are Swamp Donkeys good at basketball?
No, not really.